We study structure-function relationships in heme proteins that play important roles in human physiology as well as those that have potential for application to biotechnological processes. We are exploring the structural features that control enzyme activities, including active site environments, substrate-assisted catalysis and protein environmental conditions. These goals are achieved using mainly resonance Raman (rR) spectroscopy, which is a particularly effective probe of heme-containing enzymes. We also use the combination of rR spectroscopy with the cryoradiolysis method to generate, trap and structurally characterize unstable intermediates involved in the enzymatic cycles of these heme proteins.  

Job opportunity:

A Postdoctoral Associate position in protein biochemistry and structural biology is available immediately in the laboratory of Dr. Piotr Mak, Chemistry Department, Saint Louis University. Research projects involve structure-function correlation studies of several mammalian and bacterial cytochromes P450.  

Qualifications: Ph.D. degree in chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology or biophysics. The candidate should have a strong experimental background in molecular biology and biochemistry technique. Candidates with some experience or interest in learning advanced spectroscopic methods, such as resonance Raman spectroscopy, are preferred.  

Interested candidates should submit a cover letter and current curriculum at: