PChem 1 students - the last class

Everyone thinks this was the best class ever!

What happened here - David is hiding, Dan bearly fits in the picture, Donald is done with the class and James and Conor ... no comments lol

Sigma Xi Research Symposium

Tapiwa presents a poster in Graduate Physical Sciences section

Matt presents a poster in Undergraduate Physical Sciences section

Students can't wait to get their hands on the ACS final exam!

Everyone so happy! I wonder why Arjun has eyes closed...

PChemII - group of very smart young men and women

Hello from physical chemistry students

Obviously Henry doesn't like Rishi

Guess who has closed eyes?

Everyone likes PChem and Henry

PChemII - group of very smart young men and women - plus Henry

Obviously, Henry doesn't like Rishi

 Now Henry is very happy!

 Henry is even happier now!

Remaining pieces of Rishi's birthday cake in the  background

Saint Louis University

Cook Hall

Clock Tower

McDonnell Douglas Hall

Center for Global Citizenship

Tegeler Hall

St. Francis Xavier Church

Busch Student Center

Saint Louis, MO

Gateway Arch


Old Courthouse


City Museum

Gateway Arch

Apotheosis of St. Louis

Banks of Mississippi River

Eads Bridge

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Apotheosis of St. Louis